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When it comes to plumbing service, you want a team on your side that has experience and the know-how to get things done the right way. You want a dependable contractor that you can turn to for all things related to your plumbing. At River City Plumbing in Memphis, TN, we make your customer experience as seamless from start to finish. No matter your needs, we have you covered. From drain services to water heaters, our knowledgeable technicians can assist you.

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We’re pleased to offer our Memphis area customers with expert and accurate plumbing services. If your location isn’t listed below, give us a call to see if we have a technician available in your area!

  • Germantown, TN
  • Collierville, TN
  • Cordova, TN
  • Bartlett, TN
  • Lakeland, TN
  • Piperton, TN
  • Arlington, TN
  • Millington, TN
  • Rossville, TN
  • Moscow, TN
  • Central Gardens, TN
  • Chickasaw Gardens, TN
  • Cooper Young, TN
  • Crosstown, TN
  • Evergreen, TN
  • Lenox, TN
  • East Buntyn, TN
  • Normal Station, TN
  • Joffre, TN
  • Messick-Buntyn, TN
  • Red Acres, TN
  • Balmoral, TN
  • Quince, TN
  • Belle Meade, TN
  • Berryhill, TN
  • Cherry, TN
  • Willow, TN
  • Colonial Acres, TN
  • Fisherville, TN
  • Galloway Gardens, TN
  • Walnut Grove, TN
  • Hedgemoor, TN
  • High Point Terrace, TN
  • Pidgeon Estates, TN
  • River Oaks, TN
  • Sea Isle Park, TN
  • Sherwood Forest, TN
  • White Station, TN
  • Olive Branch, MS
  • Southaven, MS

When Do You Need Professional Drain Cleaning Services

You might be tempted to attempt DIY drain cleaning. While this may work for some clogs, that certainly isn’t the case across the board. Store bought methods don’t always work and they can even harm your system. If you’re having trouble, here’s when to call us:

  • More than one clog: This can mean an issue deep inside of your system.
  • Slow drains: A slow drain could mean a partial blockage or a problem deeper within your system.
  • Gurgling noises: These noises can point to air pockets in your drains which are usually caused by clogs.
  • Increased pests: Pests are drawn to the moisture and other debris they can find within your drains.

Signs You Need Water Heater Repair

If you have a traditional water heater, it’s good to be able to recognize the signs that you’re having an issue before you’re taking a cold shower. Here are some signs you need repair.

  • Banging sounds: Sediment or mineral build-up is one of the most common causes of a lack of hot water.
  • Inconsistent water temperatures: While no hot water is a clear sign, if you notice fluctuating hot and cold, you’re in need of a repair!
  • Leaks: A cracked tank may be beyond repair but leaking connections can be helped.
  • Low water pressure: Sediment build up or other issues can cause this problem.

No matter what you’re dealing with, our team of experts can help you get your hot water heater back up and running.

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When it comes to plumbing services, we handle it all. From residential service to commercial service, we have the tools and expertise to handle your home or facility. We offer a full array of plumbing services so if you’re looking for a contractor to handle all of your needs, you can trust us!

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