Memphis Backflow Testing

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At River City Plumbing in Memphis,TN, we bring years of experience to every job we undertake. Backflow testing examines the backflow preventers to ensure they're working properly. You should test backflow preventers regularly so people can rest assured that they'll work in case of an emergency. Each backflow preventer should have specific dates marked on them, indicating when they need to be properly tested. We will schedule an appointment for you at your earliest convenience and get any leaks repaired fast.

When to Call Us for Backflow Testing

When you think about your home’s plumbing or a fire protection system, water should flow to the property. When water flows away from the property, that’s backflow. Backflow is dangerous because it can become a pollutant. Contaminants can find their way into the water, making it unsafe.

Backflow is common when dealing with fire protection systems because the water sprays all over. That’s why you need a backflow preventer to keep the H2O flowing in one direction. Though it’s not enough to have a backflow preventer—the world isn’t that easy. You must also test these devices to ensure they’re working properly.

Backflow preventers ensure that water only flows in one direction. If the H2O flows away from the property, it could reach the sewer line and collect pollutants and contaminants, which is dangerous for various reasons.To begin with, not having a properly functioning backflow preventer may affect people’s health if they consistently drink contaminated water. Individuals could develop heart disease or certain types of cancers if exposed to this polluted water regularly. This could become a city’s problem if they neglected to test the system as often as they should have. City municipalities or building owners could face fines or worse if they don’t do inspections regularly. It’s also worth mentioning that contaminated water can adversely affect buildings, and it’s bad for the environment. Finally, a faulty backflow preventer can impact entire communities if several people get sick and buildings fall apart. If you don’t test the component as often as you should, you’ll likely need a backflow preventer replacement.

If you suspect an issue, call our Memphis team right away. Issues with sewage can be unsanitary for you and your neighbors so call now! We can assist you.

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